GIC Beni Lillycubs*PL

n 22
CH Ayo Gattoneva*PL
SC Nero Wolfe of Suzan's Cats*CZ, DVM
2xNom BIS
FeLV/FIV- negative,
MyBPC-3 – n/n,
echo- negative

Beni is a real alpha male - raw in their habits which like to control everything that happens in his herd. Beni is a very territorial male. When he goes out for walks with us he's really glad being able to mark new territory as a challenge to other cats. At the same time he doesn't allow himself to the importance of territory in the house! Beni likes to provoke and engage others but never did harm any members of his flock. He is very intelligent and understands house rules, including the most important rule - never show aggression toward humans.
For many he seems to be a little unsocialazed. When strangers are around, he will never show that he needs attention or interaction. In reality it's just a game of appearances, because Beni loves the company of people and immensely loves to canoodle.