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About us

We are a small Maine Coon cattery affiliated to the Breeders Cat Assotiation EKKR belongs to a Felis Polonia.
Our adventure with cats began with an exotic cat (persian with short hair), which was imported from Russia in 2003. Unfortunately, due to the genetic load we quickly (after 5 years) lost Vanessa  ☹
After we lost Vanessa, we decided for a black cat - Ayo Gattoneva, which immediately captivated our hearts. So in 2009 we started our adventure with Maine Coon breed, which continues till today. Over the years, our love for this unusual breed is getting bigger and bigger <3
We strive to breed the best kittens in the Maine Coon breed 
"type", but our priority is health, strength and sensationally socialization of our pupils. We treat all our cats as family members. We try to devote as much time to them as well as take care of their needs at all levels.
Each inmate has his needs and our cats also, therefore, in our house we introduce many amenities both for them and for us;)


We are working on improving our knownladge about the cats and their breeding. Thats why Ilona decided to take part in course organized by the PawPeds Academy. Actually she passed her G2 level and she got two PawPeds Academy awards!
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We're also trying to be active on cat shows. That's why Ilona decided to take part at contest for best stewards of Polish FIFe cat shows in 2015. She was 3rd Top Seward of 2015 :D In 2016 Ilona was 3rd Top Steward and Kuba was 4th! 
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